• Wanted to send some kudos to HomeXpress for a $1.290m asset-based loan I closed from start to finish in less than 2 weeks. Patrick Washington, cc, is our A/E and did a great job helping with guidelines and handling communication between us and the underwriter.

    I would recommend them over the other outlets.

    Let Patrick know if you have any scenarios.

    “Interest rates can rise and fall daily with the global markets and may change until your rate is locked”


James N. Cheeley

Founding Partner/Sr. Mortgage Advisor

  • I really appreciate the extra effort everyone placed on this file. This is my first deal with you guys and I have a better understanding of the process. The next file won’t be so hectic.

    Having said that, I know it took a lot of hands and favors to get this done on time. Your ops team went above and beyond to make sure I looked good to a very important client. I don’t know everyone’s name or email, but please let them know that their work is appreciated and that this won’t be our last deal.

    Also…Stacey…you are incredible. Thank you and First Arizona as well!


Aaron Payne

Loan Officer/Mortgage Banker

  • Hi Guys,

    Just a note of appreciation to you and your team, you always " step up to the plate" so to speak, such a pleasure to work with such an amazing team!! Will be sending you some new business shortly, hopefully, I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!


Jeri Araya

  • Thank you so much. This has been by far, the best brokered out loan process I have worked on.  You all have all set the bar pretty high.  Thank you again for everything.  On to the next funding’s ☺


Kimber Shan
Corporate Sr. Loan Processor

  • Trisa,

    Amazing job and thank you for this miracle.

    This loan is from a new referral source and agent – you saved me.

    Thank you again!


Marilu Ibarra


  • Hi Cindy,

    Just wanted to tell you that you are quite exceptional, you always work your hardest to get the " job done", I appreciate this so much and wanted to tell you.  Often we are never told how good we are, only what is lacking, therefore wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff.


Jeri Araya | Operations Supervisor

CityLights Financial Express, Inc.

  • Good afternoon Nicole.  Just thought I would share a positive experience I had just closing an outside the box bank statement loan with HomeExpress.  vI just closed a bank statement loan and the service and efficiency exceeded my expectations.  They closed the deal in less than 30 days and the rep Dominic was super helpful and responsive.  Just thought any loan officers who come across these type of deals should know.  Especially since the 2 other companies that over promised and didn’t deliver Citadel and ACC Mortgage.  Thanks.


Steve Goldberg

Loan Officer

  • Hi Neil,

    Amazing job on this loan, it is a pleasure working with your company.


Alicia Jagnarain

Loan Processor/Assistant to VP

  • Thanks for the hard work of every one - Esp. Amy! We have been in contact when was a loan officer with another broker. When this loan became problematic with UWM, the first person I thought to look for help is Amy -:)

    It's a terrific job for all of us! non-QM loan closed in 15 days!



  • Dear Neil,

    I had to sit down and write you a letter of acknowledgement for your valiant efforts and the efforts of your company and staff that helped to bring about a successful close to a deal that had presented the worst of circumstances.

    This loan for LUIS GARCIA was laced with difficulties, some which were the normal diet of the loan business, but others that were beyond anything that anyone would have expected, or frankly anything that I had confronted in forty years in various aspects of the Real Estate business.  

    First there was the credit nature of the borrower; secondly there was the difficulty in attributing income so your program that allowed bank statements came into play; thirdly were other various circumstances with qualifying the borrower, which you had insight in how to cure; and lastly we had the most problematic seller, that I can ever remember, giving impossible time limits at every turn of the dial.

    You met the call on all of these seemingly impossible hurdles. You were able to engage your staff on this campaign in spite of all the odds presented, and complete this deal, in spite of all its problems and moving pieces, in record time, a time frame which itself was seemingly impossibility from the start.

    I have to say Neil, that through it all, you made me feel like our deal was the only deal in your shop, though I know that is not true, but you gave me that impression and confidence with your undivided attention always.

    Neil, you are the highest standard of servicing the customer and it is this kind of standard of servicing the customer that you communicated in all your actions.  This kind of attitude promotes the highest mark of “Good Will” for people working with you, and is the one thing in business that promotes the continuing high mark of “Good Will” in a company.

    I have come away from this experience with the highest appreciation of you and then with the confidence in your company that when it all comes down to the wall, I can always depend on you and your company to come through!

    Nevertheless, I will concentrate on easier deals and easier customers to bring you, because I know you can do those too!

    I have two new ones before you, and a third one in the prep stage, which we were anxious to generate within the few days after this successful transaction with GARCIA, and because of all your help.

    Thank you Neil!  I see us doing a lot of business carrying forward from here with you and your company, and I would opt to say that your company should as well hold you in the highest regard.

    I sure do!


Peter Kendall


  • Hello Seth,

    I wanted to pass this message on to you and Eddie's Manager, but I do not have their name..If you would pass on for me I would greatly appreciate it!

    This is the first loan I have processed with HomeXpress and it was a challenging loan due to the numerous properties, documentation, private lenders , different servicing companies and borrowers.

    We have been working on this file for 3 months and Eddie has been nothing but OUTSTANDING through the process. Eddie has been professional, funny and accommodating. He has taken the time to go over conditions and worked with me to get this loan done! I do not feel that I could have been assigned a better team mate to work with. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eddie for all you have done for me and the borrowers!!

    Way to go Eddie!!!!! Thank You again!!


Monica Torres

Senior Underwriter

Processing Department