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HomeXpress Mortgage Corp is a fast growing, service-oriented wholesale lender in the Non-QM mortgage market. The company was founded by a group of mortgage professionals who have a long history of providing flexible solutions to borrowers who fit outside of the Prime/Qualified Mortgage space while providing the best service levels to our broker partners in the industry.

HomeXpress prides itself on providing superior service and our experienced staff is here to help you every step of the way. Our Highly trained Account Executives work with Loan Brokers and Loan Officers every day helping to structure loans and provide real solutions for difficult loans that were rejected by traditional lenders or Government automated underwriting methods.


Meet Our Leadership


HomeXpress Mortgage Corp. is partnered with Seer Capital Management, a well-respected investment manager in New York, as the Company’s senior advisor and capital partner. Seer Capital Management LP is a diversified, credit-focused investment firm founded by Philip Weingord in 2008 that primarily invests in structured credit and loans. Seer Capital is based in New York and has approximately $1.1 billion in assets under management as of August 2020 and has been a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since 2009.


Why turn to HomeXpress Mortgage and not other Non-QM loan Lenders?

Here at HomeXpress Mortgage our mission is keeping borrowers best interest at heart with providing unique home loan solutions who are unable to access traditional financing. We are a wholesale mortgage lending solutions leader. We are licensed to work with partners, including mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers, in 31 states and Washington DC. As Non-QM mortgage lenders, we help brokers provide Non-QM loans products to their clients. Our account executives work directly with brokers and our Broker Platform gives brokers a real-time look at Non-QM loan status for all of their clients.


HomeXpress Mortgage is licensed to work in 31 states and Washington DC:

Visit our State Licensing page for full license details.


Speed. Ease. Convenience.

HomeXpress Mortgage is all about providing top-notch service. We’re quick to respond and our team is a pleasure to deal with. Our account executives are experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive. We encourage you to find out why we have the best service in the Non-QM loans (non-qualifying loans) part of the industry.

Our Broker Portal technology provides you alerts when loans hit major milestones along the loan process, such as when loans come in or are assigned to underwriters. We also have a pricing engine which shows you pricing options on our products. Once you’ve submitted a loan, you’ll be able to see loan conditions in real-time and see whether those conditions have been cleared.

If you are a broker or mortgage banker who would like to more easily match customers with Non-QM loans, get in touch with our team to learn more about our individual Non-QM loans products and services. Give us a call at 800-216-1723 or start our broker application online.



Mission Statement:

Keeping their best interest at heart, we provide unique home loan solutions to customers who are unable to access traditional financing.


Vision Statement:

HomeXpress Mortgage, the lending solutions leader, providing value to every partner, a product for every customer and a home for every family.


Core Values:

Competent in our business

Accountable to our customers

Reliable in delivering value to our partners

Empowered to get things done

Superior in our service